Pro-Strip Indy is our new name!

Pro-Strip Indy Offers

57 Chevy during restoration... '57 Thunder Bird after being Redi Stripped


…The most comprehensive variety of metal cleaning methods:

  • The best in traditional chemical immersion (dipping)
  • Hard & soft media blasting (sand blasting)
  • Pyrolytic oven processing
  • Our famous alkaline electrolytic immersion derusting (the better alternative to acid dipping)

These metal cleaning tools give Pro-Strip Indy the market advantage.  We tailor combinations of chemical immersion, media blasting and other processes to provide fast, safe, non-destructive and cost effective results.

A full length car frame being dipped in our world famous Redi Strip process.

Whether you’re restoring a vintage car like this ’57 Thunder Bird we cleaned, rebuilding a municipal water pump or need parts stripped on a B1 bomber**, Redi Strip has the expertise to do the job properly.

Your One Stop Source

Pro-Strip Indy is your one stop source for metal cleaning needs.

We offer the best in traditional chemical immersion: paint, rust and coatings removal as well as media blasting and pyrolytic oven cleaning.

Our chemical immersion processes can strip accumulated paints, tough epoxies, lacquers, enamels, acrylics, plastisols, rubber, tar, glue and undercoatings.

We strip paint rejects, derust parts rusted in storage or shipment and return them ready for painting.

Our services are used by auto restorers, industrial equipment rebuilders, manufacturers and painting job shops. We chemically strip and derust steel and cast ferris items from the size of the family car, down to the screws used to hold on the tail lights. We strip and clean aluminum items from sprint car bodies to aircraft wheels and landing gear.

Have a metal cleaning need? Let Pro-Strip Indy do it, we know our work, we do it well, and we stand behind every job.