Pro-Strip Indy is our new name!

Media Blasting

These blasting processes are tools that Pro-Strip Indy can use in combination with other stripping methods we have. This enables Pro-Strip Indy to give you more efficient and cost effective services than competitors who can only blast. Our combination of stripping methods let us remove coatings virtually impossible to remove by blasting alone, yet finish with a blast surface which is often required for high tech specialty coatings.

Our two 14 ft. x 24 ft. rooms and blast cabinets utilize environmental dust containment systems.

We can blast with:

  • Aluminum Oxide – great for mill scale and rust removal.
  • Glass Bead – to obtain that shining surface. Generally for removal of automobile exterior paint
  • Plastic Media – for paint removal from sheet metal with no warping. Removes coatings from specialty substraights.
Metal patio chair before   Metal patio chair after